Saturday, 18 August 2012

Doctor Who? Doctor Faustus of course...

Arthur Darvill's amazing performance as Mephistopheles in Christopher Marlowe's "Doctor Faustus" is about to have a limited cinema outing - in the UK, USA, New Zealand and Australia.
It will be shown in the UK from October - check the Globe website for overseas screenings soon. (I learned about this through the Globe e-mail newsletter, which has a fabulous HD trailer. Not on the main website yet - just looked).
The play was staged last year at Shakespeare's Globe Theatre on London's Bankside, and I'm going to be smug enough to say I got to see it.
I'm a huge Marlowe fan - had he not been murdered / assassinated in a tavern brawl in Deptford in 1593 he would have gone on to far outshine that scribbler from Stratford-Upon-Avon -  so when I found out Arthur was going to be performing in this I had to go. (It was in July, and I was curious to know why Arthur was clean shaven when all the publicity pictures had him bearded. Turned out he had just been back to Wales to film the cornfield sequence at the start of Let's Kill Hitler). I enjoyed it so much, I went back again for the final performance at the beginning of October - so doubly smug.
When I attended the Convention earlier this year, I got my picture taken with Arthur. He was able to spend a bit more time talking to us fans whilst the photographers set up - compared with the battery farming approach of the Matt Smith session. Naturally, you worry about what you're going to say, not wanting to appear like a gibbering idiot. Rather than talk about his role in Doctor Who, I spoke to him about this - which he certainly seemed to appreciate.
There will also be a DVD release next year. Hope this link works...

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