Saturday, 29 September 2012

10 Rory Moments

Ten Rory moments I particularly love. It could easily have been twenty.

10. Rory Williams - Dalek Killer (The Big Bang).

The Lone Centurion hasn't been seen for decades. As the stone Dalek bears down on the Doctor, Amy & little Amelia, the museum's night watchman appears. He drops his torch - then he drops his hand. It's Auton Rory - still protecting the Pandorica - come to the rescue.

9. Rory Williams - Vampire Hunter (Vampires of Venice).

A bit of Rory humour and nascent man of action combined. Rory squares off against the vampiric Saturnyne Francesco, armed only with a broom. Not the most successful fight he will ever have - the fiancĂ©e has to save him - but he is new to these time travel shenanigans after all.

8. Flooring the Fuhrer (Let's Kill Hitler).

One of Rory's best bits in this episode. He gets to deck one of the most evil men in history. Then he locks him in a cupboard. He'll go on to see his childhood friend revealed to be his daughter and regenerate into a homicidal River Song. As he later says: "It's been that kind of a day...".

7. The Good Man Goes To War (A Good Man Goes To War).

Showing just how far Rory has come. The once bumbling nice guy goes into battle to protect his wife and child.

6. Challenging the Doctor (Vampires of Venice).

After the humorous torch size comparison scene, as they break into the Calvierri school, Rory stands up to the Doctor - accusing him of making people want to follow him into danger. He had earlier confounded the Doctor by not being impressed with the TARDIS interior. This is someone whom the Doctor can't easily sway. He's not going to blindly follow, and the Doctor's ego is dented.

5. Remembering Two Thousand Years (The Day of the Moon).

An all too rare quiet moment with the Doctor as Rory worries about the abducted Amy - and admits that he still holds the memories of two millennia. He vows to get Amy back - even though it might be the Doctor who she's asking to come and rescue her.

4. Daddy Pond (A Good Man Goes To War).

Hard to watch the scene where Rory returns baby melody to her mum with a dry eye yourself. A shameless "awww" moment - but it's pure Rory, and it's why we love him.

3. The Boy Who Waited (The Big Bang).

The ultimate act of love and devotion. He could jump in the TARDIS and travel forward to the present day in a matter of moments - but he refuses to leave Amy unprotected in the Pandorica. He elects to take the long road, even though it will take two thousand years, and the legend of the Lone Centurion is born.

2. "You're turning me into you!" (The Girl Who Waited).

So many good scenes for Rory in this, but I thought I'd go with this one. It harks back to that scene in the Vampires of Venice I've mentioned above. We know that Rory isn't afraid to challenge the Doctor and tell him exactly what he thinks of him and his actions. A furious Rory questions whether he really wants to travel with him any more.

1. "Would you like me to repeat the question?" (A Good Man Goes To War).

It could only be, really. Such a genius moment. We think that it's the Doctor flitting through the Cybership, with his sonic screwdriver - and then Roman Rory walks in and faces off against a squad of Cybermen, apparently all alone in the middle of the 12th Cyberfleet. Brilliant visuals and music add to the scene. Long after Rory has gone, we will always remember this sequence.

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