Friday, 28 September 2012

"A History of the Universe in 100 Objects" - Review

I don't usually do merchandise reviews, but I thought I would just say how pleasantly surprised I am with the new BBC book "A History of the Universe in 100 Objects" which arrived through the mail today. Each of the 100 chapters covers one item from the entire history of the programme, but each then runs off into all manner of interesting tangents.
For the Tenth Doctor's severed hand, for instance, we move onto a list of significant "hand moments" in the programme - from Davros reaching out to self-destruct the Daleks in Genesis to getting his good one shot off in Revelation, plus the Hand of Fear, Noah's bubble-wrapped hand, "Is that finger loaded?", "Please do not throw hands at me" and many more.
Guy Crayford's Eye Patch leads to eye drives, the Brigade Leader and the pirate Captain's electronic implant.
In short, the book covers a huge amount for its 256 pages. I'd reckon the bulk of it relates to the original series.

Each section is illustrated with a gorgeous painting by the programme's concept artist Peter McKinistry. The one for the Skarasen is an exceptional image. You'll also find that Yeti image that got everyone excited a year or two ago, but most images have never been published before. There's a wealth of photographs as well - mostly screen captures illustrating all those little tangents.
The authors are James Goss and Steve Tribe.
I bought mine new from a well known on-line retailer (think Jo Grant), for almost half the cover price, even allowing for P&P.
It's a book I'd strongly recommend.
I've also ordered "The Doctionary". I'll let you know my thoughts on that when I get it.

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