Thursday, 27 December 2012

Coming soon...

I've been taking a look at screen grabs from the Coming Soon teaser, trying to work out how they fit with what we already know. (These are courtesy of Blogtorwho, which has a few more, though mostly corridor running). You can connect some of them to the same episode thanks to Clara's costumes / hairstyle. But which episodes those are is difficult to fathom.
Easy ones are those which include guest stars - so Liam Cunningham is known to be in Mark Gatiss' base-under-siege tale. This appears to be set on a submarine, and some of the corridor running shots might also be from this - also the icy waters, if it's a submarine under the Arctic? We've been told this story will be "fan-pleasing", which has led to some to believe there may be a returning monster. The underwater setting might point to Sea Devils, whilst the Arctic might lead you more towards Ice Warriors. The Zygons can turn up anywhere. Me, I'm going for the Seaweed Creature (only as the director said the monster was a physical creation augmented by CGI).

The costumes look vaguely Russian. There is a shot of Dame Diana Rigg plus some other Victorian costumed characters - so Mark Gatiss' other script. Might these characters be from the same story?

We also see Dougray Scott - from the episode that has been referred to as a ghost story. This might also be one of the ghosts.

Easiest to work out are the Cybermen story shots - as we see Warwick Davis with the uniformed people behind the Doctor in this first image. Is the Doctor being turned into a Cyberman? Or might it be a new version of the neuristor that stopped you becoming one? In the last image, that looks like Jason Watkins in front of the Doctor - also known to be in Gaiman's story.

A couple of shots show the Doctor and Clara on the motorbike in London, and these should be from the first episode - and I believe, from the contemporary background, that's also the one with Celia Imrie. It's the story described as "urban thriller".

There are a couple of shots of monks - including the Doctor catching the habit.

Miscellaneous monsters and characters include:

Are the first two images connected - the goggles / breathing mask? The last image appears to be the creature with Clara pulling off a face mask.
Of course, not every scene that appears in these trailers actually makes it into the programme, if you remember back to the Series 6 one. The naked River Song scene was cut, along with the Germans in the prisoner of war camp. Also, an image may relate to a brief pre-credits scene - and not be representative of the episode as a whole.

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