Monday, 24 December 2012

Don't forget the workers...

An entirely gratuitous picture of Rory - in his pants.
I do have a serious point to make, however. Whilst the vast majority of you have 25th December off work (or school / college), there are a lot of people for whom Christmas Day is just another working day - nurses, doctors, policemen, firemen and so forth. And I just happen to be one of them. Yes, as of 5.15pm, when you are all sitting down to watch The Snowmen, I'll be at work - with another 3 hours to go. I'm not quite as important as a 999 service person, but homeless hostels are 24/7 and we can't just shut up shop for the day. (I could try and watch it on my break - but in 23 years of hostel work I've never known any given hour with absolutely no interruptions - so will wait and watch the recording, uninterrupted, when I get home, with a glass of something nice - and potent).
Like those Liverpudlian policemen in The Feast of Steven, or those countless policemen and soldiers (and Trinity Wells) coping with alien invasions since 2005, some of us have to work on Christmas Day - so do spare a thought.
Don't expect my wit and wisdom on the Special straight away - but I will try to post my immediate reaction later Tuesday night.

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