Sunday, 28 April 2013

Daleks in the finale? (Updated)

(Update at the bottom)
A very odd play set has appeared on the Forbidden Planet website, with a 26th May release date. It is billed as "Dalek Invasion 2075AD" - and claims to represent a location seen in the TV series.
There is another set for Cold War - which includes the armour-less Ice Warrior.

So what is this Dalek set? Is it a purely fictitious setting, or are the Daleks about to invade yet again?
Here is the accompanying text:

"Collect and build the universe of Doctor Who with these 3D card diorama playsets that feature different time zones visited by the Doctor in the hit TV series.
You can travel between different time zones or clip the sets together to build bigger ‘zones’. The playsets are in scale with the Doctor Who 3.75-inch action figures so you can create your own adventures or simply display your collection.
Dalek Invasion; 2075AD and the Daleks have invaded Earth once more. Using their mighty Saucer ships they bombard London driving the surviving population underground. Once they land, the Daleks patrol the ground looking for survivors in the rubble to either exterminate or transform into their puppets using Dalek nanocloud technology. In the skies the Daleks use long range ‘Hoverbout’ Anti-gravity disks to pursue the resistance. The TARDIS materialises near to a Trans-Sys matter transmission station in Hyde Park and the Doctor realises that he will need all his resources to once again defeat his oldest enemies and save the Earth from destruction. The future of the human race hangs in the balance.
Dalek Invasion Time Zone Playset includes 1 exclusive hoverbout accessory."

Update: Did a little digging and found this on the Blogtorwho site. A couple of images of the Dalek set which were taken at a Toy Fair. They show the "Hoverbout" - but also have a normal London Underground sign - rather than the Trans-Sys one in the image at the top of this post. The text is identical.
Curiouser and  curiouser...

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