Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Landmarks... Coming soon.

We're now half way through Series 7b, and a long summer and autumn lies between The Name of the Doctor and the 50th Anniversary story.
I am currently composing my list of landmark episodes - 50 of them, naturally - which will form an occasional series on this blog in the run up to Saturday 23rd November.
It's not a 50 best episodes, or 50 favourite ones.
Instead, it will be those stories which, in my opinion, have had the most significant impact on the development of the programme and its characters.
They won't be reviews (I'm doing those anyway). Rather, I will be highlighting particular elements which have enriched the story of the Doctor, his companions or his foes, and moved the series forward over the last half century. As such, it is inevitable that they will unfold chronologically.
Expect the first two (fairly obvious) ones next week...

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