Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Figurine Collection - August 2014

Just to say first of all that I moved house over the weekend - hence the lack of updates in the last week. Also, my broadband won't be set up until three days before Series 8 commences, so you won't hear much from me until then.
Latest figurines arrived yesterday. Last month I was pointing out how good the likeness of John Hurt was, in comparison with some of the previous characters. This month the Ninth Doctor is also rather well rendered. He is wearing his blue jumper, and the associated story in the magazine is Boom Town. Let's hope this improvement continues. I haven't seen any previews of other "humanoid" figures so can't judge at this time. (Up-coming are the Morbius Monster, the Earthshock Cyberleader and the Ironside Dalek which I have seen - as well as the next Special Edition release of the Cyber-King, which is getting a lot of negative feedback. Not so much about what it looks like, just that there are far more popular things to concentrate on than this - especially from the Classic Series).
Accompanying the Ninth Doctor is one of the Scarecrows from Human Nature / Family of Blood. Hard to go wrong with something like this. Nice that they have got it's awkward gait captured - lurching forward. Ailsa Berk will be pleased...

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