Wednesday, 4 May 2016

A is for... Akhaten

A malignant, sentient sun, encountered by the Eleventh Doctor. The ring system that surrounded it had previously been visited by the First Doctor and Susan. Local legend had it that all life in the universe originated here. They had seen the festival where songs were sung to the star, and to the pyramid on an asteroid which was in orbit around it. This contained an ancient, desiccated mummy, known as Grandfather. The Doctor took Clara Oswald to the festival, as her first trip to an alien world. Clara befriended the young singer Merry - the Queen of Years. She got her song wrong, and this caused the mummy to reanimate. However, it was not the real threat. It was merely a conduit to the star. Akhaten awoke, and demanded feeding. It lived on memories and experiences. The Doctor almost sated it with his many years' worth of adventuring, but this was not enough. Clara had a leaf which she kept in a book that was left by her mother when she died. It had been instrumental in bringing her parents together. She offered this to Akhaten - all of the unlived potential, an infinity of things that might have been. The star gorged itself on these and collapsed.

  • There is no thought given to how the ring system survives after its sun vanishes.

Appearances: The Rings of Akhaten (2013).

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