Sunday, 9 October 2016

A is for... Areta

An inhabitant of the planet Varos. Areta was the wife of a young man named Jondar who had discovered the luxury in which the elite lived, compared to the downtrodden miners. When he tried to speak out, he was branded a rebel and imprisoned. Areta arranged for a friend named Rondel, a member of the guard corps, to rescue him. The attempt failed, but Jondar and Areta were helped by the arrival of the Sixth Doctor and Peri. Areta was captured and, along with Peri, forced to take part in one of scientist Quillam's experiments. Both were subjected to a transmogrifying beam which turned them into animals which reflected their personalities. Areta began to turn into a lizard. She was saved by the Doctor and Jondar. Areta was with the Doctor when he defeated Quillam and the Chief Officer. With higher prices paid for their Zeiton 7 ore, life on Varos would have been much better after the Doctor's intervention.

Played by: Geraldine Alexander. Appearances: Vengeance on Varos (1985).

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